Anxiety, IBS and Walking

vicious cycle of anxiety and IBS

I have had a renewed effort to tackle my anxiety. I have been to a few group depression and anxiety meetings at Rushden Mind. I enrolled on a self esteem course too at Mind; sadly there were not enough attendees, so the course is postponed to November. I am also fast approaching the top of the list for a therapist.

In the meantime I am reading a Self Help book: The Complete CBT Guide for Anxiety and read How Not to Worry by Caroline Carr. The key message I am taking from the books is that I am now in numerous habits of avoidance to minimalise my anxiety. But as this is preventing me from doing things I wish to do. I have started tackling the issues and reversing my habits.

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Mental Health Forums

Mental Health Forums

I tried out a main stream mental health charity’s forum over three or four days

I have concluded that it does not work for me:

  • I got frustrated with some of the threads, for example one debating whether people should put hugs and kisses at the end of postings.
  • Kept coming across postings of self harm, which I try to avoid
  • I found the lack of response to my own postings a negative experience. The result was to bring in to question the value of my postings and ultimately lead to me taking my website of line.

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Depression and Sleep

My Anxiety Blog Post

It’s been a difficult and different week, the majority of which I have slept through; save for visits to the loo and drinking squash – I have learnt my lesson about dehydration and headaches!

I know I am down and I know that awaiting the outcome of my ESA medical is contributing to my mood to a lesser or greater extent, but I have slept about 18 hours on and off every day this week

My partner tried to motivate me to get up yesterday, but a few words of ‘I’ll try’ from me were enough to see her off. I did manage one hour in front of the television with the family last evening before sneaking back to bed.

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Treatment for Anxiety & Depression

sad man with anxiety

The general principle of treatment seems to be that medication will help you on the road to recovery whilst therapy and/or time will actually enable the recovery; well this is the case for anxiety and depression so they say. I am told to use the analogy of a broken leg, the medication is the plaster cast and pain killers and the time and physiotherapy exercise after the removal of the cast is the therapy. My only observation is that three and a half years is a blasted long time to mend a broken leg!

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