New Anxiety Medication Sertraline

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My Anxiety Sertraline MedicationAs usual time has passed – back in July I went and visited my GP for the first time in a long time. Since then I have been back to see him a couple of times. After my first appointment, we agreed that I would try out an additional medication, so I started on Sertraline at 50mg once a day for two weeks, then increased it to 100mg once a day. I have been on this dose now for 3 months. Here is a useful explanation of the medication Sertraline on Mind’s website. Continue reading “New Anxiety Medication Sertraline”

Mental Health and Money Research

Mental Health and money institute

I have a lot of time for Martin Lewis of Money Savings Expert, for his advice on consumer finance and his annual debt advice booklet for people suffering with mental health illness.

He is also the face of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, based in London UK. I am proud to contribute to their research by being a member of the research community. This involves completing online questionnaires and surveys from time to time. There is no obligation to complete all surveys and there is also an opportunity to partake in online discussion groups. Continue reading “Mental Health and Money Research”

Reflection about losing PIP Award

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I had been receiving DLA and then PIP for the past 5 years or so, because of my mental health and Ulcerative Colitis. Following a mid award review which started in August 2017 and a medical assessment by Capita in November 2017, my PIP award ended on the 11th December 2017.

I have been reflecting on this a lot over the past 6 months. Financially the impact was significant, as it meant I also lost my Tax Credits award from the 11th December, and any day I expect a bill for £500 over payment following the year end tax credit review.

I have been lucky and been able to earn a little more money through the work I do and been helped by family.

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Reflection on my mental health

My Anxiety Blog Post

I attended a DWP Medical Assessment with Capita in Northampton following a review for being submitted in August.

During the Assessment the assessor said that she was not there to advise but she thought I should go back and see my GP.

Having talked about my illness with the assessor I have realised that my anxiety has got worse. I can separate my mental health illness into three areas Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) , Social Anxiety and Depression. Continue reading “Reflection on my mental health”

April 7th is World Health Day

mytherapy info graphic

Below is a great info-graphic from MyTherapy

​They have produced it for World Health Day on the 7th April 2017, which this year is all about Depression. Lack of knowledge of where to find help and social stigma are the prevalent reasons for insufficient and late treatment, so there is a need to spread the word. Therefore, they designed an info-graphic on depression in the UK. It contains facts and figures as well as helpful resources such as crisis lines.

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MyAnxiety Panic Attacks

My Anxiety Blog Post

Today, has been a difficult end to a challenging week. I knew it would be difficult, because the builders were in for three days, repairing a leaking shower and using my bedroom as a workspace, so not only was my retreat and safe zone out of action, but I also had to be up and about early (for me at least). So reduced sleep with the pressure of entertaining my family to celebrate my daughters 26th birthday all day, with the builders still here, and an expectation of a home baked birthday cake and lunch, followed by a meeting in the evening, made Wednesday an overwhelming challenge, but I did it and the builders finished that night. Relief.

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Therapy – Psychotherapy Hypnosis

My Anxiety Blog Post

Well, things are different, better, yes better and good, still traveling on the path to recovery, but better.

I had a break with dad in France in October (2013) and again he was telling me about this hypno-therapist that had worked ‘magic’ with people suffering anxiety and depression. Dad has been encouraging me to go see him, the therapist for some time, by that I mean for at least a year. So at the end of our break, I agreed I would make contact with the therapist and go see him.

A week after my return home, dad called and in passing asked if I had contacted the therapist. I replied am feeling better at the moment, so ‘no’, his reply was well if you are feeling better, then it is a good time to contact him – good point pops.

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