Anxiety Medication Therapy

Primary & Secondary care

Following a recent visit to the GP, I think I have a slightly better understanding of how care operates in the NHS, UK

Initially a patient approaches their Doctor, our General Practitioner (GP) when we feel unwell. The GP can prescribe certain medication for mental health illness, including Citalopram which was prescribed to me initially The GP, Primary Care can also access their own Therapy options, which in my area operate as Well Being Team, who offer Therapy which may include Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

If The GP following consultation with the patient, considers that this treatment is not addressing the needs of the patient, then the GP may refer the patient to Secondary Care, that is the Mental Health Team, who have their own psychiatrist and medical team who are specialist treatment and medication for mental health and can prescribe a wider range of medication and can also provide further therapy treatment.

NHS Primary and Secondary Care

I currently see a Psychiatrist in Secondary care for medication prescriptions but Primary Care for Therapy in the form of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. At my next appointment (19th December 2012) with my Psychiatrist I am going to ask to review medication and ask further about therapy they can offer.

I have also found that the best way to find information about Mental Health Services available in your area, is to find the county wide NHS Trust website for your county. Google [your county] and ‘mental health services’ , then look for mental health under the ‘services’ section of the Trust’s site. Below are links for some I have found:

Northamptonshire NHS Website

Oxfordshire NHS Website

Berkshire NHS Website

Bedfordshire NHS Website

Hampshire NHS Website

Kent NHS Website


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