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Early in August I received a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Review form dated the 6th August 2017, which is called a ‘PIP Award Review – How your disability affects you’. This came as a surprise (shock) because my PIP award is to August 2018. I have felt anxious and overwhelmed by the prospect of completing the form and the implications of the review: will it change my PIP Award, which could then effect my Tax Credits award (which I now claim as I work part time at home on a self-employed basis).

Today, I decided I had to complete the form, partly because it has to be back by the 5th September but mainly because I know if is effecting my anxiety and mental health and my behaviour to my family i.e. I am being moody, shorter with them and impatient.  See my post in 2014 about my PIP claim experience

So I have found: (1) my original PIP Forms completed in 2014 and (2) my award notice and (3) a copy of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – table of activities, descriptors and points on the Citizens Advice Website

The PIP Review Form asks you to state whether the 12 descriptors are ‘easier’ ‘harder’ or ‘no change’.

Currently my award is for Daily Living Component at the Enhanced rate and Mobility at Standard Rate

So having gone through all the paperwork. –

I am anxious, my heart is racing and I am shaking now – overwhelmed about what I should do and filling in the forms.

I have taken a break and thought I would write a blog post to help me decide what to do.


  • I can say I find ‘Dressing’ and ‘Bathing’ easier, meaning a loss of 4 points (2 for each).
  • My ‘Medication and Therapy’ has changed, but I don’t think that will change my points award of 1.
  • But, I note I scored 0 points for the ‘Speaking to People’ and ‘Money Management’ descriptors in my original award in 2014. I recall I felt this was unfair, but didn’t appeal at the time, as my total points had just taken my award into Enhanced Care category by 1 point. So it would have no material effect on my award

So, my dilemma is: do I try to change my award for ‘Speaking to People’ and ‘Money Management’, to what I would consider a fair award, and therefore potentially keep me at the Enhanced rate of the Daily Living Component or just leave them as ‘No Change’ after all that is what they are from original form, but not reflected in my original PIP award.

I am worried that if I make too many changes this will bring forward a medical review, which I cannot face at the moment, because of the anxiety and stress it causes me, which may then trigger an Ulcerative Colitis flare up.

Surely, if there are too many changes on the review form; the DWP will require a full form to be completed and a medical – I cannot face or cope with the health implications of that.

I think I would rather accept the reduction in my award and the financial consequences to my PIP award and Tax credits award, than run the risk of an earlier medical assessment because of the possible impact on my health.

I will therefore, minimise the changes to my form, say my ‘Dressing’ and ‘Bathing’ are better, update the Treatments section, leave the other 9 descriptors as ‘No Change’ and hope I still qualify for PIP at the standard rate of Daily Living and Mobility Components.

I need to just get this form done and posted off.

My Anxiety

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