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Personal Independence Payment Update

I last posted in June 2014 about my experience of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), the replacement for DLA , so I am well overdue to update you on my experience. My last post got me to the stage of the process of having completed the anxiety inducing medical assessment on the 22nd May 2014

So I received a letter from the DWP dated the 10th June, which helpfully told me that they now had all the information they needed and would be in touch again soon.

On the 7th July 2014, 6 months after I returned the application paperwork I had a decision from the DWP on my PIP application. Thankfully they agreed to Personal Independence Payment to help support me financially.

Having finally got the process completed, I have extremely mixed emotions:

I am relived it is over and was worthwhile to go through the process as I got a positive result
I am cross; with myself for allowing the process to affect me so and fuel my anxiety, I am cross too with the system, why does it have to take so long, this isn’t a new-new benefit, it is a replacement for DLA, is the process really that different, as a user is seems near identical to the process for Employment Support Allowance (ESA). I am cross because it was only because I was so determined and can cope with form filling and processes that I didn’t give up on the process. I can’t help believe that someone thinks that if they (DWP) take long enough, people will give up or their circumstances will change. I don’t know if people get their claims backdated, because mine replaced my DLA the 6 month process was not a financial issue for me, but what happens with new claims?
I feel relieved that an ‘official’ has recognised that I am ill and struggling, but I also feel guilty and question my illness – Am I really ill enough to warrant this???

Anyway it is over and I can now focus on my recovery fully and move forward, interesting it has taken my a good 4 months to write the update, wonder what that says….


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