Anxiety Medication Therapy

My current strategy for my anxiety & depression & colitis

Here is an update on my medication, therapy and what I am trying to do to manage my colitis and anxiety:


The medication I take of Trazodone, Pregabalin and Asacol Mesalazine tablets are working for me so I will continue with them


I am attending Solution Focused Brief Therapy every two weeks and find that very helpful; I always come away feeling more positive, happy and motivated.

anxiety and IBD medication and therapyI am reading ‘The Mindful Way Through Depression’ by Prof Mark Williams and others. I am learning the mediation ways and am mastering Breathing Meditation. I really like the idea of being mode and not doing mode. All of the books examples and discussion confirms to me that I have been overusing the doing (what is wrong with me) mode and trying to hard to work out what is wrong with me, which fuels the problems of anxiety and depression.


I am spending a lot of time developing My Anxiety website, which is giving me focus and purpose. I am now considering establishing it as a charity so watch this space

I have had my bicycle repaired and want to start using it more. Physical activity helps both Ulcerative Colitis and depression and anxiety.

I am getting things done in our home, many things have been left like fitting the skirting board to the lounge and dining area and repairing the shower. I am not doing it myself I hasten to add, but have had builders into quote and one of them starts next week on the skirting board.


2013 has started well, I feel I have a purpose and a plan, which accommodates my mental health as it is, so I don’t have to think if only…. All of this is helped by knowing I have not got to prove that I am ill by attending a DWP ESA Medical until March 2014. I feel that they are leaving me alone for a bit.


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