Anxiety Therapy

Mindfulness Colouring Sheets and Books

During times of anxiety, I can use a number of different tools to ease the anxiety and try and focus on the now.

These can include music, reading (although it can often be difficult to concentrate during intense periods of anxiety), writing in my journal, going for a walk (again sometimes tricky), talking to someone, mediation and now I have added option of colouring sheets for mindfulness and stress.

Mindfulness Colouring SheetsThere are a number of products on the market, but I have found these colouring sheets for adults online that you can download for free here and read about them on website. There are 5 great designs of mindfulness colour sheets, in PDF format that can be printed off including general patterns, a kingfisher and leaf. I particularly like the second download, a circular design, with waves and curves which I find peaceful and calming

The idea, as I understand it, is to use products and ideas like these to practice focusing on the moment and to some extent distract the mind from negative and anxious thoughts, to bring oneself to the now and focus all if not most of your attention on what you are doing. This gives your mind a break or rest from those thoughts that are causing the anxiety and creates some ‘me’ time.

These ideas won’t work for everybody, it is a case of trying them out and finding what is best for you.

At least enjoy the free downloads from


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