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Mind Anxiety and Depression Group

Well, I put it off last week, but today I made another step forward.

Following my assessment at Rushden Mind a few weeks ago, we agreed that I would try counseling and attend the Anxiety & Depression Group.

So today….

I attended my first Mind ‘Anxiety and Depression Group’. This was the first of any group session for me and I was, not surprisingly, anxious, but whilst it had been on my mind leading up to today, it was not all consuming worrying thankfully. I managed to do a few things this morning rather than just obsessing about the session.

My wife dropped me off and I went in on my own to Mind’s office in Rushden and to the group session. It was good, there was around 7 of us and a facilitator. We took it in turns to talk about our week and I used the opportunity to explain a little about my background.

Overall it was a good session, I particularly liked meeting other sufferers and hearing their experiences and each of us relating to others experiences and feeling. The group felt safe and relaxed. I find the whole Mind office environment feels very safe – which is very important to me.

So I have come away pleased, slightly worried about how I put things about the kids, but they will get to know me better over time and I them.

So that is a date in my diary for each Monday and a big thanks to Rushden Mind

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