I had a Black Dog

Or in my case I have a Black Dog. I have found the books by Matthew Johnstone about the subject of living with black dog, ie depression and living with someone with black dog very useful, well helpful. Below are two youtube videos created from his books which are worth watching.

Here is Mathew Johnstone’s video version of I Had a Black Dog:

Here is Mathew Johnstone’s video version of Living with a Black Dog:

Matthew Johnstone has written three books that I have found very useful,:

The first is I HAD A BLACK DOG which with illustrations takes you through the feelings and experiences you might have with depression. I found this useful particularly in terms of knowing that there are other people out there experiencing the same feelings.

His second book LIVING with a BLACK DOG is a great book for family members to help understand what is going on and specifically what is helpful and what is not helpful to a sufferer of depression.

His third book QUIET THE MIND starts you on the subject of meditation which is an area I have found very useful and continues to help me greatly. Below are links to each book and if you buy any of the books using this link will earn me a few pennies.

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