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Every Day is a New Day

I just wanted to share with you my current mantra which is helping myanxiety. My counsellor has kindly credited me with the thinking, but I can’t help but think it is already well and truly out there.

When I am down, overwhelmed and struggling with my mental health, I am ‘now’ able to focus on and believe that the next day CAN be different and better. This enables me to get through the current day and focus on the opportunity for a new, fresh start the next day. Most importantly the thinking and belief has worked for me, so I can now build on this experience by telling myself that the next day has been better in the past so it will be better again in the future.

MyAnxiety New DayThose of you who read my blog posts will know that I write a lot in my journal to manage my thoughts associated with depression and my anxiety and even sometimes deal with them and achieve closure. Another trick, well action, I take is to always start a journal entry on a new clean page, which I think reinforces my belief that every day is a fresh start.

When I am saying to myself ‘tomorrow is a new day’ I focus on my morning routine of waking, drinking my tea, showering and my first coffee in the garden as my signal that a new day has started.

My counsellor has kindly told me that she tells other people that she sees, about this way of thinking to help them too.

Linked to this, I do also now believe that bad experiences and the negative feelings associated with them do fade with time. Events that have upset me greatly, that overwhelm my thoughts, do fade and I am again now able to believe that a thought that is overpowering me, will ease with time and that I just have to try and live with that thought for now, because it will get easier.

So if you don’t already, when you are struggling and low, try and focus on tomorrow as a new day and a new fresh start


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