Meditation Reading

I have discovered the podcast I can’t believe it’s not Buddha, with Lee Mack and Neil Webster. I find the balance between humor, which admittedly is rather silly at times and the discussions about Buddhism and meditation entertaining and very informative. The podcast is about the journey of Lee and Neil, who at the start… Continue reading Meditation Reading

Mindfulness Colouring Sheets and Books

During times of anxiety, I can use a number of different tools to ease the anxiety and try and focus on the now. These can include music, reading (although it can often be difficult to concentrate during intense periods of anxiety), writing in my journal, going for a walk (again sometimes tricky), talking to someone,… Continue reading Mindfulness Colouring Sheets and Books

Therapy – Psychotherapy Hypnosis

Well, things are different, better, yes better and good, still traveling on the path to recovery, but better. I had a break with dad in France in October (2013) and again he was telling me about this hypno-therapist that had worked ‘magic’ with people suffering anxiety and depression. Dad has been encouraging me to go… Continue reading Therapy – Psychotherapy Hypnosis

Anxiety, IBS and Walking

I have had a renewed effort to tackle my anxiety. I have been to a few group depression and anxiety meetings at Rushden Mind. I enrolled on a self esteem course too at Mind; sadly there were not enough attendees, so the course is postponed to November. I am also fast approaching the top of… Continue reading Anxiety, IBS and Walking