Meditation Reading

I have discovered the podcast I can’t believe it’s not Buddha, with Lee Mack and Neil Webster. I find the balance between humor, which admittedly is rather silly at times and the discussions about Buddhism and meditation entertaining and very informative. The podcast is about the journey of Lee and Neil, who at the start… Continue reading Meditation Reading

A Covid Christmas

To be blunt; I find Christmas a difficult time, particularly for my anxiety. Yes of course, Xmas 2020 has been very difficult for many this year and the impact on wellbeing and mental health has made it very hard for many people, especially those who have ended up on their own for Christmas and continue… Continue reading A Covid Christmas

New Website for MyAnxiety

I have just about transferred all the posts from the old website which was based on CMS Weebly, to my new website using

Royal Mail Survey – TNS

For the past few years I have been completing the Royal Mail Survey operated by Kantar TNS Research International. The purpose is to monitor the Royal Mail postal service. The role involves preparing letters and parcels for the survey and posting them usually with a chip called a SMART which monitors progress of the item… Continue reading Royal Mail Survey – TNS

We Will Be Back Soon – My Anxiety

back Soon MyAnxiety

Hi, I am going to take a little break from My Anxiety to focus on myself and some issues that are arising. Best wishes and be mindful !

BT Reduced Line Rental

BT offer a reduced line rental package, called BT basics for those of certain means tested benefits, including Employment Support Allowance (income based). £14.85 a quarter instead of £15 per month ! Link here to BT Basics