PIP Review 2017

My Anxiety Blog Post

Early in August I received a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Review form dated the 6th August 2017, which is called a ‘PIP Award Review – How your disability affects you’. This came as a surprise (shock) because my PIP award is to August 2018. I have felt anxious and overwhelmed by the prospect of completing the form and the implications of the review: will it change my PIP Award, which could then effect my Tax Credits award (which I now claim as I work part time at home on a self-employed basis).
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I am Overwhelmed

My Anxiety Blog Post

It shows that my understanding of my anxiety and myself generally is progressing, that I am writing this blog post, being aware of what is wrong.

There is, at least for me, a lot going on at the moment and I recognise that they feelings I am experiencing are because I am overwhelmed. So this post is mainly for me, as I know one way to help the situation; is to write down my feelings – to focus my mind and understand why I am overwhelmed.

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Know your limitations My Anxiety

This is not a drill Know your limitations

I blogged about my ‘dream’ job a few weeks ago – ‘The Next Step 2017‘ and applied for the job that weekend.

I have learnt a lot about myself and my anxiety in the following days and weeks. So here is what happened and my reflections after the event.

[I have used this image, as it sums up how the phone ringing does affect me and my anxiety – acknowledgement #CollegeHumour]
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April 7th is World Health Day

mytherapy info graphic

Below is a great info-graphic from MyTherapy

​They have produced it for World Health Day on the 7th April 2017, which this year is all about Depression. Lack of knowledge of where to find help and social stigma are the prevalent reasons for insufficient and late treatment, so there is a need to spread the word. Therefore, they designed an info-graphic on depression in the UK. It contains facts and figures as well as helpful resources such as crisis lines.

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The Next Step – 2017

man on computer

Whilst I have been working for myself on a part time basis at home, I do not feel fulfilled and think it is time to consider an employed job.

I have found a part time 9 month temporary post working for a local housing association close to home that really appeals to me. It is 25 hours a week working in a field relating to consumer finance, budgets and helping people. So I am currently finalising my application. It feels like the right next step for me, into a role that gets me out of the house to a ‘work’ environment, with other people, is office based, using IT and speaking to customers on the phone and liaising with others. The idea really appeals to me, the thought of being able to ride my motorbike to work, to gain a physical separation from home and work life, reduce my reliance on welfare benefits, whilst enabling me to establish firm boundaries with family members (I.e. I am at work so you cannot contact me) and do something I like.

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Christmas and My Anxiety

MyAnxiety Christmas blog post

I think Christmas is a difficult time, at a simple level I am frustrated and cross that one day attracts such excess and materialism and the day is exploited by capitalism

Then there is the pressure of buying presents and so much food. I especially struggle with the ‘panic’ that Christmas seems to generate in my family and the rat-tat-tat of quick fire questions about presents, food and seeing each other. I know it is only because people want it to be perfect, but it feeds my anxiety and my sense of being overwhelmed – which then impacts on me trying to get things done.​

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Every Day is a New Day

MyAnxiety New Day

I just wanted to share with you my current mantra which is helping myanxiety. My counsellor has kindly credited me with the thinking, but I can’t help but think it is already well and truly out there.

When I am down, overwhelmed and struggling with my mental health, I am ‘now’ able to focus on and believe that the next day CAN be different and better. This enables me to get through the current day and focus on the opportunity for a new, fresh start the next day. Most importantly the thinking and belief has worked for me, so I can now build on this experience by telling myself that the next day has been better in the past so it will be better again in the future.

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Mindfulness Colouring Sheets and Books

Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

During times of anxiety, I can use a number of different tools to ease the anxiety and try and focus on the now.

These can include music, reading (although it can often be difficult to concentrate during intense periods of anxiety), writing in my journal, going for a walk (again sometimes tricky), talking to someone, mediation and now I have added option of colouring sheets for mindfulness and stress.

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Food and My Anxiety

MyAnxiety Binge Eating

I am very overweight and have been for most of my life.

I have been lucky to be able to access some eating disorder counselling, as my current Mind counsellor is training at National Centre of Eating Disorders

We have completed a Weight Life Chart, where we have looked at key events over my life and how they relate to my weight. I can see that food has played a big part in my life and clearly I use it to try and improve my mood and cope by binge eating bad food at the end of the day. Food has signified good times for me during my life.

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