There are a plenty of self help books for those suffering with mental health illness in the form of anxiety and depression. I have over the past 6 years turned to books to explain and help me understand my anxiety and to recover. There are of course no ‘magic wand’ solutions or books to achieve overnight recovery, but here are a selection of anxiety related books that I have bought and read.

These three books written by Matthew Johnstone are a key part of my go to library, offering easy to read reminders for those suffering and their friends and family.

I had a black dogLiving with black dogQuiet the mind
Living with a black dogQuiet the mind

I have bought and borrowed a number of self help books for Anxiety. ‘The Mindful Way Through Depression‘ and ‘Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace‘ and similar books, Mark Williams having contributed to both, they each include a guided meditation CD which is excellent. ‘Free Yourself from Anxiety‘ was my first book purchase, whilst ‘The Complete CBT Guide to Anxiety‘ is a heavy weight book, but you can just read sections relevant to your own anxiety, though my Psychiatrist did so it would make a good door stop.

The Mindful Way
Through Depression
A Practical Guide
to Finding Peace
Free Yourself
from Anxiety
The Complete
CBT Guide
to Anxiety
The Mindful Way Through DepressionMindfulness A Practical Guide to Finding PeaceFree Yourself from AnxietyThe Complete CBT Guide to Anxiety

Depresso‘ by Brick is an excellent graphic novel telling the authors story with and managing depression and I have found the book very useful for understanding and believing that others are going through what I am going through. Highly recommended

 Depresso by Brick  
Depresso by Brick

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