The Next Step – 2017

Whilst I have been working for myself on a part time basis at home, I do not feel fulfilled and think it is time to consider an employed job.

I have found a part time 9 month temporary post working for a local housing association close to home that really appeals to me. It is 25 hours a week working in a field relating to consumer finance, budgets and helping people. So I am currently finalising my application. It feels like the right next step for me, into a role that gets me out of the house to a ‘work’ environment, with other people, is office based, using IT and speaking to customers on the phone and liaising with others. The idea really appeals to me, the thought of being able to ride my motorbike to work, to gain a physical separation from home and work life, reduce my reliance on welfare benefits, whilst enabling me to establish firm boundaries with family members (I.e. I am at work so you cannot contact me) and do something I like.

man on computer

So the deadline is Monday and I have pretty much completed the online application. My application is upfront, tells the story of my breakdown and recovery and mentions my anxiety and IBD. What they see – will be what they get.

All I have to do now is push the APPLY button ….. scary, challenging, exciting and most importantly something I want to do.


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