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myanxiety royal mail surveys

For the past few years I have been completing the Royal Mail Survey operated by Kantar TNS Research International. The purpose is to monitor the Royal Mail postal service.

The role involves preparing letters and parcels for the survey and posting them usually with a chip called a SMART which monitors progress of the item through the postal system. You are sent a package each week which has a postal plan with the items you have to send, addresses and a schedule of when.

Whilst you post out items for the survey, at the same time you receive items posted by other survey members. You then enter details of items posted and received on a website database on a daily basis.

I find this is a good project for me and helps with my anxiety as it requires a degree of organisation, requires me to go out to a post-box or post office to post items. I gain satisfaction from completing the tasks involved and my only communication is via email and logging data on a database, I feel in control.

myanxiety royal mail surveys

You are rewarded with stamps and first day covers, a diary at Christmas and mini eggs at Easter. The survey usully lasts for about 6 months. After that, I have found I am regularly asked to participate again 6 months later.

You can register, join and apply to be part of the RMS survey here  (NB this is a new link updated March 2018, following TNS website update and change)



    1. Be wary about reporting damaged items when submitting details of the items you’ve received, as it could result in you losing the opportunity to take part in any further Royal Mail surveys. It’s important that your role as a participant isn’t disclosed to anyone working in the postal service … well, after taking part in the surveys for about 3 years without any problems, I received a damaged parcel (cardboard box) from another survey panel member. (The parcel had been inadequately packaged by this other person, and had come adrift in transit). I reported the damage to TNS, as per instructions, and was immediately eliminated from any further participation in Royal Mail surveys! This was because TNS felt that my anonymity as a survey volunteer had been compromised … because the damage to the parcel may have exposed the contents (the SMART etc) to our local postman and sorting office staff.

      1. Veronique. Exactly the same thing has happened to me! I was very disappointed to be taken off the survey for reporting a damaged parcel. Someone else’s bad packaging has caused me to lose an activity I have enjoyed for several years☹️

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