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PIP Medical Assessment Outcome 2017

I have been receiving PIP for a few years and was asked in the Summer to confirm my current health situation by submitting a medical questionnaire form back to DWP. I think I may have blogged about my quandary and in the end I confirmed that my ability to dress and bathe had improved. I then had an anxious couple of months waiting to hear further from the DWP. Then I was asked to attend a medical assessment with Capita on the 10th of November.

I have been meaning to blog about how it went but because it was so difficult for me I’ve not felt able. In summary I was very ill with my anxiety for the few weeks before the appointment, which meant I was unable to concentrate on anything else, constantly worrying, constantly on edge, very irritable and angry & my sleep was disturbed and this then had an impact on my bowels and continence . The experience of the medical assessment itself at capita in Northampton was as I expected it and I was extremely anxious and in distress for the whole time. I felt the medical person was was friendly and understanding of my situation and seemed to show empathy. I then waited to hear anything from DWP for over a month.

On Monday I got a letter confirming that the DWP now had all the information they wanted.

On Tuesday I got a letter advising me that my PIP had been stopped with immediate effect because I only scored two points for care and two points for mobility.

I don’t really know how I feel, I’ve been reflecting for the last day and also been trying not to focus too heavily on it. The financial impact is catastrophic because not only do we lose my personal Independence payment but this enables me to receive disability tax credits because I work part time at home, we will now lose all of these benefits with immediate affect. On the one hand it’s a relief that it is done. I know the situation. But the thought of submitting an appeal fills me with dread and having to go over the whole thing again with medical examiners and then the anxiety inducing waiting to hear, is inevitably going to make me very ill. But on the other hand I have to financially support myself and my wife. I don’t know what to do……..


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