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New medication for my Anxiety

I had my appointment with the Psychiatrist on the 19th December and we reviewed my medication.

I was taking:

100mg, three times a day of Pregablin (Lyrica) and 90mg, once a day of Duloxetine (Cymbalta)

Apparently whilst a low dose of Duloxetine can help anxiety, a higher dose (ie 90mg) can increase anxiety!

My anxiety medicationAs the medication doesn’t seem to be all that successful we have changed it to the following

75mg three times a day of Pregablin (Lyrica), and reduce Duloxetine down to nothing over 3 weeks, then start 150mg once at night of Trazodone

As I write I am just about to stop the Duloxetine, this Wednesday. I am then meant to wait one day and then start the Trazodone, but I think I will see how I go before starting the new medication. As this seems to be a good opportunity and I have been on various medications for over 3 years now, and have no idea what I would be like off medication. So let’s see how I go, just taking Pregablin for a while.

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