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I have been told about a really useful new App that has been available in Germany for some time and is now here in the UK

The App is called MyTherapy and is available to download for free to help manage medication and treatment, by reminding you to take medication and recording activity and other health information.

I searched for MyTherapy in the Apple App store and downloaded it easily and quickly. You have the option to register with your email address or just provide your date of birth and sex. I then used the barcode scan feature for my Pentasa tablets and entered the details manually for my Lyrica 300mg tablets.

It was easy to set it up for a reminder to take them at 8am and 10pm.

​I now get a visual and sound reminder to take my tablets and I can record them as taken.At the end of each day, you also get a confirmation that all actions have been completed which is nice motivational feature.

​You can then add reminders for other activities including walking & exercise. Other health data you can record includes diabetes blood sugar levels, blood pressure etc. You can also invite friends and/or family in the ‘Team’ section to gain support and motivation.

This data then forms part of your ‘Journal’ which can be viewed for day, week, month or year and reports can be created and emailed to yourself for sharing with your GP if you want to.


Download the MyTherapy App at:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

And find out more at:

​If reminders to take your medication and the option to record other health data would help you, this could be the free app you have been looking for!


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