My Anxiety – A New Year 2016

MyAnxiety Goals 2016

Well the start of a new year (2016) deserves a blog post. The evidence is here to show that I had over done it towards the end of last year – I have had flu for the past 10 days and currently have a bad chest, don’t want to say chest infection. So if I didn’t already know it , the flu confirmed that I had done to much for me, which triggered my dark thoughts and difficult period in November and early December.

MyAnxiety Goals 2016So a big lesson learnt, that I might think that I have an ‘easy’ life compared with what I did before my breakdown, but it is still easy for me to over do it and trigger a bad mental health episode.

My GP has been brilliant, seeing me on a fortnightly basis and we have increased my medication to manage my generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) to 600mg dose per day of Pregablin (Lyricia). I am due to see her again Tuesday.

I did also try to step back and not get too involved in Christmas this year, helped by being ill and that did make it easier for me. I think also as I was already coming out of a bad patch, I was more careful about my triggers and realistic about my abilities.

I also have symptoms of my Ulcerative Colitis , which has been in remission for a good couple of years, another sign that I have got too stressed and tired.

So here is 2016, the year I accept I have anxiety and that it is me, learn from the many lessons of the past 2 months and get on with my new life.


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