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Meditation reading suggested by I cant believe its not Buddha My Anxiety

I have discovered the podcast I can’t believe it’s not Buddha, with Lee Mack and Neil Webster. I find the balance between humor, which admittedly is rather silly at times and the discussions about Buddhism and meditation entertaining and very informative.

The podcast is about the journey of Lee and Neil, who at the start have a limited knowledge of Buddhism, but have been drawn towards it and in particular meditation for sometime. Generally I find episodes are organized by Neil, who may be reading a new book or having been on a retreat, with Lee adding humor and useful inquisitive questions. If you are looking for a serious podcast on Buddhism this is not the one for you, however if, like me you have an interest and feel drawn to Buddhism and want something a little light hearted, but also informative and thought provoking then this podcast may be for you.

Here are some links to I can’t believe it’s not Buddha from Lee Mack and Neil Webster.

The early podcasts talk about mindfulness and being in the now. I have been on a few courses for mindfulness and they included some meditation. I like the idea of focusing in the moment and not letting your thoughts dwell on the past or future.

One book Neil and Lee read and suggested was the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, originally written in 1999. I have found the book very powerful in explaining how our minds work against us, and in effect take over our thinking, preventing us from being able to focus on and enjoy the moment – you are in, which is the only time that one can control.

I was also keen to find out about other books Neil had read and were suggested to listeners and Lee to read. This came up in episodes 18 & 19- There’s no F in I and took Neil, in typical but entertaining fashion took about 2 episodes to finally list, but boy it took time and I thought I would save you the trouble and share with you: Neil’s recommended or should I say suggested reading from their podcast I Cant Believe it’s not Buddha:

The Power of Now My Anxiety

The Power of Now A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Being Aware My Anxiety

Being Aware of Being Aware, part of the Essence of Mediation Series by Rupert Spira

Be as you are My Anxiety

Be As You Are, The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

Zen Mind Beginners Mind my Anxiety

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind. Informal talks on Zen meditation and practice, by Shunryu Suzuki

These books are generally available, I have included links to Amazon, if you click through and buy, the link is affiliated and will earn me a small fee.

Enjoy your meditation reading and enjoy Lee and Neil’s podcast too.

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