Medication Review June 2020

Anxiety Medication Review

I posted recently about my anxiety medication and my intention to ask the doctor to review it.

Today I telephoned the Doctors surgery to ask to for a non urgent appointment to discuss my medication. I was advised that, because of Covid-19, the GP was not reviewing medication at present. So having felt somewhat deflated, after plucking up the courage to telephone, I thought I would try writing to them instead.

I know it is difficult, because we are in the coronavirus pandemic and medical staff in particular are extremely busy, but at the same time, we should be able to access medical attention. I didn’t expect an immediate response, but surely we should be able to speak to a doctor at some point?

Here is my letter to my GP:

Dear Dr

I telephoned the doctors today as I wanted to review my anxiety medication with you. I was told that medication changes were not being done at present and to put a note on my repeat prescription request. I have therefore decided to write to you.

I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I have had it for at least 20 years and it was diagnosed when I had a mental health breakdown in 2009. GAD significantly impacts my day to day life.

I have completed various therapies and courses. Including: CBT basic in 2018, CBT Comprehensive in 2019 and I am currently doing a CBT refresher, all with the Changing Minds IAPT Service.

In the first 4 weeks of lockdown, my anxiety reduced a lot, my mood lifted significantly and my bowel problems (IBS and Ulcerative Colitis) improved; I think this was because I couldn’t go out or meet people, we had no appointments and everyone worked from home just like me.

This experience has shown me how I could feel and how I want to feel.

I now have appointments and have to go out more. I am struggling; my anxiety has become a daily issue again, my mood has dropped and my bowels have become more frequent and difficult to control

I have been on Pregabalin since 2010 and Sertraline since 2018. I think the Sertraline has improved my mood. I have taken Pregabalin for so long, I have no idea whether it helps or not.

I have previously taken, but cannot say whether it helped or not: Citalopram (2009), Seroquel + Citalopram (2010), Pregabalin + Citalopram (2010), Pregabalin + Duloxetine (2011), Pregabalin + Trazadone (2012), Pregabalin (2014), [Pregabalin + Sertraline (2018)]

I want to change my medication for the treatment of Generalised Anxiety


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