Medication Ulcerative Colitis

How I manage my Ulcerative Colitis

Things I do to manage my Ulcerative Colitis which is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD):

  1. I have my Colitis ‘kit’ which I take out with me (spare underpants, baby wipes and couple of nappy sacks, in case of any accidents)
  2. Take my medication regularly
  3. Use the enema when I have an attack
  4. Try and drink lots of water and/or squash
  5. Go to bed if an attack is to bad, sleeping it off, eases UC
  6. Think about my diet, wheat and spicy food are bad news
  7. Talk to my wife and family about it.
  8. I have managed to get a disabled parking Blue Badge so I can park easily if I need to dash to the loo
  9. I am going to look into getting some Incontinence pads or pants, to help me feel safer when out.

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[…] My bowel control is at its worst in the mornings* I thought I managed, or should I say coped with this, by driving to work and being to able to turn around and go home if I had an accident, which I did once or twice a month. I always had to dash to the loo as soon as I got to work and managed slight accidents with my UC ‘kit’ […]

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