Dosette or Tablet Medication Box

My poor wife has to take various medication at three different times in the day. It soon became impractical and confusing to just take the tablets direct from the packet and meant there was often a conversation about whether medication had or hadn’t been taken. So we have bought a few different tablet boxes, also known as a dosette box or medication dispenser over the years.

As is more often than not the case (excuse the pun) it is worth investigating and paying a little bit more to get a decent solution and product.

We have found and used the Medimax Weekly pill or tablet box for a couple of years now. It has a number of benefits over other product we have bought, the most significant being, I can get all her tablets into it. It has 8 separate boxes, one for each day of the week and a spare. Then in each box there are 4 sections, for morning, lunchtime, dinner and bedtime. There is a sliding cover that opens and has a stop at each compartment, so you can tip the tablets out easily. It is a very good size, but not massive and I can get 10 different tablets in a section, some of which are larger pain killers and joint management tablets (Glucosamine) which are big. The eight boxes are housed in a vinyl case with velcro strap, which is of good quality and hasn’t torn in use. Also you get an individual plastic sleeve to hold 1 day box, if you want to take it out with you.

Medimax Dossette box
My view is that this is a great tablet box because:

  • It can hold a lot of tablets.
  • Sliders are good quality and boxes separate so no risk of tablets going everywhere.
  • Good quality boxes and case
  • Really helps with preparing the medication and taking it correctly.
  • Option to take out 1 days worth of tablets with you.

Like most things the prices varies a bit, sometimes is better direct from Medimax and other times at Amazon. If you buy from Amazon and use this link I will get a few pennies from the affiliate link, the Medimax link is not affiliated. Target price £22 inc P&P, at time of writing £21.90 (£17.95+£3.95 P&P) at MediMAX and £16.50 on Amazon. When I bought one direct from Medimax it took a good week or so to arrive. Go on – get one from Amazon – you know you want to.

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