Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week 2017

Colitis Awareness week 2017

Crohn’s and Colitis week is happening now:  1st to 7th December 2017, being promoted by wonderful charity Crohn’s & Colitis UK, to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), with a focus on it being a hidden illness or disability.  The charity has done some fantastic work with supermarkets nationally getting signage added or changed to disabled toilets to get the message out that not every disability is visible – so that Ulcerative Colitis sufferers like me, don’t have to worry about being challenged for using disabled toilets when we need to – because we ‘look ok’.

This year the charity has created a app to add your own picture and message to a short christmas video card, so here is mine:

My Anxiety BeYoursELF 2017

You can donate and produce your own video #BeYoursELF on the Crohn’s & Colitis website here

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