Meditation Reading

I have discovered the podcast I can’t believe it’s not Buddha, with Lee Mack and Neil Webster. I find the balance between humor, which admittedly is rather silly at times and the discussions about Buddhism and meditation entertaining and very informative. The podcast is about the journey of Lee and Neil, who at the start… Continue reading Meditation Reading

A Covid Christmas

To be blunt; I find Christmas a difficult time, particularly for my anxiety. Yes of course, Xmas 2020 has been very difficult for many this year and the impact on wellbeing and mental health has made it very hard for many people, especially those who have ended up on their own for Christmas and continue… Continue reading A Covid Christmas

New Anxiety Medication Mirtazapine

I blogged in June about reviewing my anxiety medication, specifically because during the first 4 weeks of coronavirus lockdown I had experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and an insight into how life could be. I currently take 600mg of Pregabalin, (300mg in the morning and 300mg in the evening) and 100mg of Sertraline in… Continue reading New Anxiety Medication Mirtazapine

Medication Review June 2020

I posted recently about my anxiety medication and my intention to ask the doctor to review it. Today I telephoned the Doctors surgery to ask to for a non urgent appointment to discuss my medication. I was advised that, because of Covid-19, the GP was not reviewing medication at present. So having felt somewhat deflated,… Continue reading Medication Review June 2020

Anxiety Medication 2020

I am struggling with my anxiety as usual. During the first 3- 4 weeks on lock down for coronavirus, my wife and I screened ourselves. I found that not being allowed to go out and not having any appointments to go to, resulted in my anxiety easing significantly and I was happy pottering around at… Continue reading Anxiety Medication 2020

Mental Health Money Advice 2020

Each year Martin Lewis and Money Savings Expert produce an incredibly helpful booklet especially for mental health sufferers with money advice and debt advice. They key message from Martin Lewis is that all debt problems are solvable and this Mental Health and Debt Guide can be a valuable guide to sorting out debt problems. Debt… Continue reading Mental Health Money Advice 2020

Coronavirus and My Anxiety

My wife and I have been screening for the past 6 weeks, during coronavirus, because my wife is medically vulnerable, and I suspect on the border of highly vulnerable. The last 6 weeks have been the best. I don’t have to go out, everyone is working remotely, we have no fixed appointments or commitments. I… Continue reading Coronavirus and My Anxiety

My Anxiety Update July 2019

It has been sometime since my last blog post. I still struggle with and have been working on my anxiety and depression. About 12 months ago I went to my GP as I had a significant family event approaching in six months time; namely my daughter’s wedding. During my consultation with the GP it was… Continue reading My Anxiety Update July 2019