Mental Health Disability Benefits

MyAnxiety Form FillingI thought I would share with you what I have learnt about the financial help that is available to those with a disability. This blog is based on my experience of claiming benefits and getting financial help as I have a long term ill health in the form of a mental illness and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  I have linked the benefit types to relevant part of disability benefits on GOV.UK website

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Missed dose of Pregabalin

Pregabalin missed doseOccasionally I miss a dose of Pregabalin, my mental health medication for my anxiety. I take 300mg of Pregabalin  (Lyrica) twice a day and have been for about 18 months now. Saturday night I fell asleep early and forget to take my medication. Sunday I felt, well all I can really come up with is odd. I was more touchy and short tempered – sorry family. But what I really noticed was that I was so itchy.

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PIP Review 2017

Early in August I received a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Review form dated the 6th August 2017, which is called a ‘PIP Award Review – How your disability affects you’. This came as a surprise (shock) because my PIP award is to August 2018. I have felt anxious and overwhelmed by the prospect of completing the form and the implications of the review: will it change my PIP Award, which could then effect my Tax Credits award (which I now claim as I work part time at home on a self-employed basis).

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New Website for MyAnxiety


I have just about transferred all the posts from the old website which was based on CMS Weebly, to my new website using

I have set up the redirects and servers are currently changing over – fingers crossed we wont be down for long

I did find it very interesting and useful going through all my old posts from the past 5 years, and many are still very relevant to me and potentially to you.

Anyway, need a rest now.

Best wishes


I am Overwhelmed

It shows that my understanding of my anxiety and myself generally is progressing, that I am writing this blog post, being aware of what is wrong.

There is, at least for me, a lot going on at the moment and I recognise that they feelings I am experiencing are because I am overwhelmed. So this post is mainly for me, as I know one way to help the situation; is to write down my feelings – to focus my mind and understand why I am overwhelmed.

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Know your limitations My Anxiety

This is not a drill Know your limitationsI blogged about my ‘dream’ job a few weeks ago – ‘The Next Step 2017‘ and applied for the job that weekend.

I have learnt a lot about myself and my anxiety in the following days and weeks. So here is what happened and my reflections after the event.

[I have used this image, as it sums up how the phone ringing does affect me and my anxiety – acknowledgement #CollegeHumour]

Having applied for the job with some enthusiasm I started to think about the reality of the job and I suppose my anxiety kicked in. I started considering the work environment and how I would manage my anxiety, IBD and IBS, particularly my toilet visits, where was the loo etc., what would people think?

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