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Been a long time

Hello, gosh it has been a while. I am doing okay, still on medication and suffering with anxiety, but I consider it to be more managed now. I don’t go out a lot, but can attend local supermarket, when I know it will be quiet and on a good day, and local store in High street. I am doing part time work on a self employed basis at home, in the form of website design and internet marketing for a few hours each day.

The interesting (and sad) point is that I am now caring for my poor wife, who having managed to look after me and her mum for many years, is now suffering with anxiety & depression herself. She is under the care of the local psychiatric team, on various mediation and seeing a counsellor weekly at our local Mind, But does seem ironic that she is now ill, but I suspect not that unusual. The recent pressures mounted on historic issues and brought the whole to a head for her.

I continue to use my key tools to manage my anxiety & depression which are:

  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Writing in a journal
  • Medication (reluctantly)
  • Knowledge I can access therapy at Rushden Mind
  • Focusing on the day and not the future

This was just a quick post, I hope you are all doing ok and enjoying the lighter & longer days.

Best wishes

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