Anxiety Medication 2020

Sertraline and pregabalin anxiety medication

I am struggling with my anxiety as usual. During the first 3- 4 weeks on lock down for coronavirus, my wife and I screened ourselves. I found that not being allowed to go out and not having any appointments to go to, resulted in my anxiety easing significantly and I was happy pottering around at home and working part time at home on my computer. Now some 12 weeks later I find my generalised anxiety back to where it was prior to lock-down and having seen how I can be during those first three weeks, I want to be more like that.

I have completed a basic CBT course of 10 weeks, an advanced CBT course for 6 months and I am doing a refresher CBT course now with our local Changing Minds Mental Health team. I will blog separately about CBT, but think it helps but does not ease my anxiety, which is unbearable in anticipation of events, including: going out shopping, medical appointments and going for a walk etc.

I am going to ask for a medication review so, for my own information I am going to identify the medication I have been on over the last ten years for anxiety and depression. I also take Pentasa slow release tablets for my Ulcerative Colitis and Omeprazole to protect my stomach.

2009Citalopram 40mg
Mar 2010Seroquel (Quetiapine) 100mg and Citalopram 60mg
Dec 2010Pregabalin (Lyrica) 300mg and Citalopram 40mg
Apr 2011Pregabalin 300mg and Duloxetine 90mg
Dec 2012Pregabalin 225mg and Trazadone 150mg
2014Pregabalin 300mg
Dec 2015Pregabalin 600mg
July 2018Sertraline 100mg and Pregabalin 600mg
My anxiety medication from 2009 to 2020 for mental health depression and anxiety

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