Anxiety Disability Benefits

Anxiety and Benefits

Hi, money is getting tight for us as well as many many other households.

I must admit I am a keen fan of Lidl’s and my distrust and hate of Tesco’s grows every day, but lets not go there today.

The main purpose of this blog is that I wanted to check my own benefits entitlement as we have had a few changes.

MY Anxiety benefitsI used the government one – Benefits Adviser which I found poor as it didn’t touch on DLA or CA. But then found via my trusty pal, Martin Lewis entitledto, which I found was great to use and you could enter different scenarios and see what the effect was on most benefits. So if you need a to check your benefit entitlement, I suggest entitledto

By the way, having worked solidly for 30 years and paid a fortune in tax, ‘entitled to’ is what I and the majority of others are, when it comes to the benefit system.

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