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This is my website and blog about my long term mental health illness of Anxiety & Depression and my Inflammatory Bowel Disease, in the form of Ulcerative Colitis

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Mental Health Money Advice 2020

Each year Martin Lewis and Money Savings Expert produce an incredibly helpful booklet especially for mental health sufferers with money advice and debt advice. They key message from Martin Lewis is that all debt problems are solvable and this Mental Health and Debt Guide can be a valuable guide to sorting out debt problems. Debt worries can be overwhelming and debt recovery letters very intimidating and contribute greatly to anxiety and depression illnesses. But on your own or with the help of a carer or friend, using this guide; you can tackle the problem and resolve the crisis.

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Coronavirus and My Anxiety

My wife and I have been screening for the past 6 weeks, during coronavirus, because my wife is medically vulnerable, and I suspect on the border of highly vulnerable. The last 6 weeks have been the best. I don’t have to go out, everyone is working remotely, we have no fixed appointments or commitments. I don’t have to go to the shops, I can’t ride my bike or walk the dog. I am not allowed out!!!

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Caffeine and My Anxiety

During my initial assessment for CBT, which was a 45 minute telephone interview. I identified that I consumed a lot of caffeine. My therapist pointed out that caffeine was considered to exacerbate my anxiety problems. Whilst I knew I was drinking quite a lot of tea with the occasional coffee, I did not appreciate how many cups of caffeinated tea and coffee I was drinking and had not taken into account the amount of caffeine there was in the Pepsi Max I was drinking each evening.

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My Anxiety Update July 2019

It has been sometime since my last blog post. I still struggle with and have been working on my anxiety and depression.

About 12 months ago I went to my GP as I had a significant family event approaching in six months time; namely my daughter’s wedding. During my consultation with the GP it was agreed to a change in my medication and so I now take Sertraline in addition to the Pregabalin, medication. I started on a dose of 50 mg per day and after three weeks this was increased to 100 mg per day.

Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week 2018

#PurpleFriday (7 December 2018) will see the world Going Purple in aid of Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

Go Purple at work, school, university or in the gym – wherever you can! Invite your colleagues, your friends or family to be involved – get them to Go Purple for Crohn’s & Colitis UK.

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New Anxiety Medication Sertraline

As usual time has passed – back in July I went and visited my GP for the first time in a long time. Since then I have been back to see him a couple of times. After my first appointment, we agreed that I would try out an additional medication, so I started on Sertraline at 50mg once a day for two weeks, then increased it to 100mg once a day. I have been on this dose now for 3 months. Here is a useful explanation of the medication Sertraline on Mind’s website.


Therapy History 2018

I have reviewed my medication treatment over the past 9 years and shared my medication history with you here.

I have been considering my next step in relation to therapy treatment for my anxiety and depression and so have reviewed my therapy treatment to date.

I had my mental health breakdown in June 2009 and at that time we lived in Dartford, so I was under the care of the Dartford Mental Health Team


Medication History 2018

I have decided to go to see my GP about my anxiety and depression, so thought it best I pull together a history of medication I have been prescribed over the past 9 years. Here is the medication I have been prescribed for anxiety and a link to a description on the Mind website:

Medication Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis Update July 2018

As you know from previous blog posts I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in the form of Ulcerative Colitis, to be specific I have Ulcerative Proctitis which effects the rectum area, rather than the whole bowel. Crohns and Colitis website has an excellent explanation of Ulcerative Colitis here

I am under the care of Kettering General Hospital who have their own team of IBD Nurses, so I see a nurse every 12 months, with the option to contact them at any time if I have any concerns about my Ulcerative Colitis. I then see the Consultant every twelve months about my IBD and he also keeps on eye on my liver condition, so I see someone every 6 months. I also have a blood test every 6 months, which I do a couple of weeks prior to my appointment.

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Mental Health and Money Research

I have a lot of time for Martin Lewis of Money Savings Expert, for his advice on consumer finance and his annual debt advice booklet for people suffering with mental health illness.

He is also the face of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, based in London UK. I am proud to contribute to their research by being a member of the research community. This involves completing online questionnaires and surveys from time to time. There is no obligation to complete all surveys and there is also an opportunity to partake in online discussion groups.